Top 10 Reasons to Shop

We want to ensure that your shopping experience at GovernmentShopping is a pleasant one:

1. Guaranteed discounts are offered on every product through our Featured Partner Stores. Discounts range anywhere from 5% – 45%.

2. All other stores must offer some incentive either on all products, some products or free shipping.  These will be in the form of coupons or discount codes.

3. Government Shopping will make a contribution to your organization’s MWR/Association Fund for purchases made at Government Shopping.  Your decision to shop on Government Shopping will make a difference to your organization, the employees and their families.

4. Over 3 million products are currently available through GovernmentShopping.  Products offered are diverse, ranging from fresh flowers to flat screen televisions, from automotive accessories to household appliances.

5. Privacy and Data security are a primary focus. In addition to corporate and Department of Defensive standards, GovernmentShopping continually strives to satisfy prominent industry standards such as the PCI Data Security Standard v. 1.1 protocol for optimal levels of payment and data security.

6. GovernmentShopping is a closed-market community developed exclusively for Municipal, State, Federal and Military organizations. Entrance into your GovernmentShopping may also be found though your organization’s homepage or intranet.

7. Thousands of brands that you know and love like Phillips, Disney, Nike, Nokia, Gucci, Nintendo, Polo Ralph Lauren, and GE are offered  through GovernmentShopping.

8. Retailers are prescreened and must have the utmost integrity. Only those who have a proven track record of quality products and reputable business practices are permitted to be registered Partner Stores on GovernmentShopping.

9. Customer support is paramount. When shopping in Government Shopping, you have three levels of support. The retail store is the first point of contact, your Government Shopping Support Team is the second and your organization is third.

10. Satisfaction is our largest concern, and we are committed to earning and preserving your trust. In the unlikely event that any retailer fails to deliver on their promise to you regarding any purchase made through our site, we will intervene on your behalf and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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