Terms of Service

BUSINESS RULES AND TERMS OF SERVICE FOR MERCHANTS Last updated: July 2013 Overview You are electing to have your Company participate as a Partner Store with GovernmentShopping.com | DHS Exchange, a part of the ExchangeShopping program whose mission is to make products and services available as a non-paid benefit to military, government and contractor employees, retirees and their families. ACCEPTING TO BECOME A PARTNER STORE, MERCHANT AGREES AS FOLLOWS:: – Offer an ongoing discount to our members; exclusive preferred – Offer APO/FPO Shipping on all or most items – Offer additional promotions throughout the year at discretion of merchant – Active affiliate relationship with most favorable terms mandatory for any GS Approved SMB Account – Pay a Corporate Membership fee for a secured promotional placement as described above. You agree to sell your products and services to our members at a discounted price for each item purchased or the lowest price charged to other customers under the same or similar conditions during the same period. Unit price, discounts, allowances, rebates, shipping, and handling charges and other terms and conditions will be considered. In the event you agree to sell items through other sales channels at lower prices under the same terms described above, you will promptly offer the lower price within this program. PAYMENTS FOR MERCHANTS USING 3RD PARTY AFFILIATE MANAGEMENT MERCHANT agrees to allow GovernmentShopping to automatically charge credit card on file each month your company is listed as a Corporate Member. For your convenience, automated recurring billing shall be activated. PAYMENTS FOR MERCHANTS USING IN-HOUSE AFFILIATE MANAGEMENT GovernmentShopping shall invoice for the Partner Store membership fee and commissions on the 10th day of each month for sales transactions that occurred from the previous month. MERCHANT agrees to allow GovernmentShopping to automatically charge credit card on file for these amounts. If the credit card does not get authorized or processed, any overdue balances more than 30 days shall be subject to late fees. A late charge of $75.00 may be assessed. When the 10th day of the month falls on Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday, payment will be charged the next working day. MERCHANT RESPONSIBILITIES 1. MERCHANT shall solely determine product pricing and any shipping and handling fees, but must ensure that discounts through GovernmentShopping are a better value than MERCHANT’S commercial website. 2. MERCHANT shall be responsible for and will have sole discretion regarding all customer service issues relating to (a) MERCHANT’S products (including pricing, rebates, item information, availability, technical support, functionality and warranty). (b) MERCHANT product order fulfillment and shipping and handling. (c) MERCHANT product order cancellation by MERCHANT or customer, returns, refunds and adjustments. (d) Feedback concerning experiences with MERCHANT’S personnel, policies, and processes. 3. MERCHANT shall not list the same promotion multiple times. Although multiple offers can be made, GovernmentShopping requires each offer to be unique. To enable your offers to be found through various customer searches, use alternate offer descriptions. PLEASE READ THESE RULES AND TERMS CAREFULLY. YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE RULES AND TERMS ABOVE. THESE RULES AND TERMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, FROM TIME TO TIME AT THE DISCRETION OF GOVERNMENTSHOPPING. WE WILL NOTIFY MERCHANT OF AMENDMENTS TO THESE RULES AND TERMS. IF IT IS DETERMINED THAT ANY MERCHANT IS CIRCUMVENTING THESE RULES, THEIR PROMOTIONS WILL BE TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY. That’s all! We look forward to working with you and your company and driving new sales to your business. Thank you in advance for becoming a valued Partner to our very special community of shoppers! We accept all major credit cards through Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Our Merchant ID will display as GOVERNMENTSHOPPING. You may also pay by phone by calling 202.738.1300 M-F 08:30-17:30 EST. cards2