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LeftSide-RightSide Games is an award-winning game company out to build English language skills in everyone. Our goal is to teach students to love language, build cultural literacy, and succeed in school and business.
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15% Off Hit or Myth

15% Off Hit or Myth

GovernmentShopping Exclusive Discount – 15% Off Do classical allusions elude you, or do you geek out over Greek?  Do sagas drive you gaga, or do you have a great liking for Vikings? Either way, this game is for you!  Whether you’re a mythic maniac or you’ve never read a single legend, Hit or Myth™ has something for everyone.  This game will acquaint you with the mythologies of four different cultures – Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and American – and familiarize you with the most important gods, goddesses, and folkloric figures from those mythologies. Hit or Myth teaches players about the myths and legends that underlie our language and language culture – you can’t swing a Shakespeare play without hitting a reference to Greek Myths, and the days of the week are named after the ancient gods of Scandinavia (Tyr’s Day, Odin’s Day, Thor’s Day, Frey’s Day).

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In Hit or Myth, you hear a brief personal statement from a god, goddess, or mythical figure, and must guess who is speaking. In Standard Play, you get multiple-choice options for the answer, but in Advanced Play mode, you must fill in the blank without any help! Hit or Myth is the proud recipient of a Parents’ Choice Recommendation!

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15% Off Smarticulation Language Editi...

15% Off Smarticulation Language Edition 1

The Language Game that Helps You Express Yourself Intelligently!

Rev up your rhetoric with Smarticulation™!  By playing this language game, you’ll turbocharge your vocabulary, tighten the bolts on your grammar, and top up your literary knowledge, all while having a surprising amount of fun! Whether you’re looking for SAT vocabulary, ACT, or GRE test preparation, career advancement, ESL materials, or you just want to improve your English skills, Language Edition I is the challenge you deserve!  This language game will help you think critically about the way you express yourself in everyday writing and speaking. You’ll find you know a lot more about language than you think you do! Challenge yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues to express yourselves intelligently. Ages 12 and up

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